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10-20 Club Incorporated

   There are times when troubled teens, young adults, and even parents have difficulty finding somewhere or someone to turn to in their time of need. Former major league baseball pitcher of the Minnesota Twins, Darrell P. Jackson created the 10-20 Club. We are a non-profit juvenile intervention organization that tend to the needs of youth & young adults between the ages 10-20 years old that society may classify as at-risk or delinquent. Our team of educators will explore different approaches of managing stress and skills essential to everyday life. The Outreach Programs, services, & activities were devoloped to meet the requirements of local school districts, courts, and probation departments in educating youth about the hazards of making the wrong choices in life and also by guiding them to learn to choose the positive choices that will change their lives and enable them to prepare for a better future.


The 10-20 Club's primary purpose is to provide services to all youth and their families who reach out for help. It is our commitment to accept and support all youth without prejudiceThe 10-20 Club will go to any length to insure that all who reach out will get the support needed which is in our control.


To acheive this Vision the 10-20 Club shall:


• Provide a crisis hotline

• Drug test as required

• Provide Drug/Alcohol education and treatment

• Provide a Family Support Group

• Provide Anger Management

• Provide Community Services

• Provide Group and Individual Counseling





10-20 Club has taken an approach of not just providing a service but also a more personal level of mentorship, that provides 24-7 support, scholarships, and gifts through the holidays.













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