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Individual Counseling

This service is provided to youth who are not suitable for the support groups - usually
youth who are 10-13 years of age. It is our policy to isolate the pre-teens from the older 
teens, for risk of negative influence. This service is also provided to the habitual truant and youth who are self-referred.


The meetings are done by appointment only and the issues discussed are generally
for the particular problems the youth are faced with.


The service is also provided for those who may be uncomfortable in a group setting. It is our policy to do what is necessary to provide an environment of trust to our clients.




Each session addresses the following concerns and issues but may be tailored to meet the needs of the client and situation:


1st Session: Orientation: Program Expectations and Reason for Referral


2nd Session: Character Counts: Six Pillars of Character and their lack of character while violating rules.


3rd Session: Importance of academic success – Including attendance and behavior


4th Session: Peer Influence & Peer Pressure


5th Session: Review of Attendance, Grades, and Personal Issues.


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