10-20 Club Inc.
8221 E. 3rd St. #403
Downey, CA
United States
Phone: (562) 622-1020
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Gangs Out Of Downey


The 10-20 Club is here due to the success of Gangs Out Of Downey. Gangs Out Of Downey was formed in 1989 and the 10-20 Club was a result of G.O.O.D.'s need for early intervention of youth at-risk for Gangs.

The G.O.O.D. committee donates $7,000 a year to the 10-20 Club and overall has donated $42,000. Although the 10-20 Club is an extension of G.O.O.D., both are separate entities with the incorporation of the 10-20 Club. Gangs Out Of Downey is the program that does all it can to provide Downey with a safer, clean and respectable community by implementing a number of activities. The activities include a Graffiti Hotline, Gang Hotline, Funding of at-risk programs and gang prevention and education.


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