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Family Support

The Family Support Group’s primary purpose is to provide support to parents and teens that are in conflict with one another. The group is attended by both the parent(s) and teen.


The topics discussed are Recognizing Substance Abuse and Contraband, parental involvement in both schools and social activities, regaining control of an out-of-control teen by practicing tough love, parental role modeling (not what they say, but what parents do). In addition gang behavior and tagging crews are discussed. Parents are encouraged to check on a regular basis, school attendance and grades. Emphasis is also placed on the enabling habits that allow teens to continue delinquent behavior.

The best sources of information are the teens themselves. We believe that teens can communicate exactly what it is they need to be successful. This group is progressive and deals with practical solutions for the population of teens, who are in need of aggressive confrontation to regain control of their poor behavior.

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